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Yeshiva Chabad Lubavitch Toronto

Ylt Mivtoim 5769



About Our Yeshiva

[accordion title=”About Our Yeshiva” close=”1″]Our yeshiva is more than just a school; it is the world’s definitive Jewish outreach social service organization.   More[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Our Devoted Staff” close=”1″]

Our staff consists of devoted Mashpiim, Rebbes and Shluchim. Click here to meet our Yeshiva Gedolah Staff
or here to meet our Mesivta Staff


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Need to say Kaddish for a loved one? Fill out a Kaddish form  Kaddish


[accordion title=”Catering Available” close=”1″]

Catering…coming soon

[tagline button=”Donate” href=”#”]Located on 3055 Bathurst Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada in the heart of Jewish Toronto, our students become leaders of their communities.[/tagline]


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