eshivas Lubavitch Oholei Menachem Mendel, Toronto, is committed to providing education of the highest standard to students who flock to it from across the globe. Now in it’s 20th year, the Yeshiva has earned a reputation for cultivating scholars and community leaders, and received enthusiastic endorsement from some of the leading Jewish Rabbis of our time. Students have been drawn to it from as far away as Australia, Israel, and South Africa, and a number of students from the former Soviet Union chose it as the ideal place to better their education. In addition to the academic side of the classes, the students gain

hands-on experience in community service, fanning out every Friday afternoon – and on Jewish holidays – throughout the city, teaching Judaism to their co-religionists. Using these opportunities, they approach professionals and laymen and people from all segments of the community, providing various forms of guidance and religious assistance. The tremendous impact that they have made on the city during these years has been widely recognized and acknowledged. After graduating, many of the students implement this training, as they go on to become leaders of their own communities.