Children's Sefer Torah

Dear Boys, Girls and Parents!

The Torah is the holiest and most precious gift that G‑d gave to the Jewish people. For thousands of years, we have studied it and lived by its laws. The Torah that you see today is written in exactly the same way as Moshe Rabbeinu (Moses) originally wrote it down.

Every Sefer Torah (Torah scroll) has 304,805 letters, and it must be written on parchment with a quill and special ink by a pious scribe. It takes months to complete, since each letter must be written perfectly. When the Torah scroll is finished it is brought into the Ark in the synagogue, amidst singing and dancing. It is read publicly on special days, on Sabbaths and Jewish holidays.

Following the suggestion of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, special Torah scrolls are being written in the Old City of Jerusalem, exclusively for Jewish children – boys under the age of 13 and girls under the age of 12.

Close to two million children have already bought their own letter in these Torah scrolls. You, too, can buy a letter in a Torah scroll and unite with Jewish children from all over the world. Buying your own letter will bring blessings for you and the entire Jewish people.

Jewish Children, have the scribe write a letter in the Torah just for you!

You will receive a beautiful personalized certificate from Israel, the Holy Land, telling you in which portion of the Torah “your” letter has been written. Your letter is chosen by lottery.