Thank you for your interest in Yeshivas Lubavitch Toronto. Boruch Hashem we have reached our capacity for Shnas Halimudim 5785.
Registration is now closed.

Applying to the Yeshiva is a multi-part process, consisting of an application form and a registration form. The application form consists of two parts, and registration.


The first part is to fill out the application form, using the link here.


The second part is to be filled out by the student's last year teacher.
Click here to fill out the second part of the form. If you prefer, you can download the application form here and email it to us at


After both parts of this form have been received and your son has been accepted as a student to the yeshiva, a registration form will need to be filled out. If your son has been accepted, you will receive email with a link to the registration form and thereby complete the registration process.