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Aharon Goldberg-Yisrael Wagner
Mendel Felberman-Yisralik Bernstein
Meir Shlomo Zaltzman-Ahron Dovid Rapaport
Daniel Namdar-Levi Carlebach
Yaakov Landau-Hirshel Marozow
Mendel Holtzberg-levi Rosenblum
Shmuel Munitz-Mendy Greenberg
David Geisinski-Zalmy Volosov
Nochum Labkowski-Nochum Gormen
Shneur Zalman Oster-Mendy Wagner
Mendy Kaminker-Tzvi Cohen
Yosef Perman-Mendel Ezagui
Yossi Bogomilski- Mendel Rutman
Mendel Chaikin-Mendel Schwartz
Mendel Jacobsohn-Zecharia Byer
Yankel Oster-Levi Sandhouse
Mendel Melamed-Mendel Raitport
Avraham Hershkop-Mendel Liberow
Yitzchok Shur-Mendel Rutmen
Mendy Lieberman-Yossi Lieberman
Shmuly Baumgarten-Dovid Yunik
Levi Bisk-Mordechai Zirkind
Dovid Kastel-Berel Lavner
Mendel Pastov-Shmuel Dubinski
Shloimy Katzman-Mendel Shmukler
Yisrael Drizin-Menachem Vogel
Sholom Ber Levy-Kalman Izavi
Mendel Wenger-Berel Dick
Chanan Man-Yisrael Eisenberg
Shmuly Zaltzman-Moshe Serebrynski
Shmuel Yosef Greenbaum-Shmuly Laufer
Moshe Sperlin-Levi Weiss
Yerucham Engel-Mendel Lebowitz
Menachem Wagner-Mendel Deitch
Dovid Wingrow-Eli Superstein
Yigal Begun-Yisrael Pinson
Chaim Simpson-Levi Rosenblum
Mendel Sulami-Zalman Ginsburg
Levi Yaffe-Mendel Fisher
Mendel Segal-Mendel Samuels
Netanel Sebag-Zalmy Simpson
Yaacov Radav-Berel Moskowitz
Shneur Polter-Dovid Yunik
Meir Chaim Brickmen-Mendel Mochkin
Moshe Cunin-Levi Weingarten
Yosef Posner-Shmuly Feiner
Sruli Blotner -Yitzchok Lew-Dovid Marozow-Moshe Farkash-Ari Feigenson
Shneur Eizenbrach-Ahron Karpilovsky
Reuvein Brenanson-Avraham Moshe Levy
Tzvi Blum-Moshe perl
Yitzchok Chein-Emanuel Shiminov
Sholom ber Tiefenbrun-Mendel Hildesheim
Michael zingareko- Moshe Blesofsky
Levi Korf-Yisrael Keivman
Dovid Oster-Sholom Ber Plotkin
Chaim Shneur Pruss-Yisroel Sossover
Mendel Halperin-Sholom Ber Tzaitlin
Yitzi Oster-Shmuel Berenstein
Yosef Krinski-Mendel Shiminov
Yisrael Avtzon-Chaim Yisroel Wilhelm
Yehoshua Slavin-Avraham Brook
Michael Kurtash Tzemach Gelman
Isser Brickmen-Mordechai Hertz
Yossi Eagel-Yisrael Korf
Nissen Wenger-Moshe Vorovitch
Levi Rosenfeld-Dovber Cohen
Mendel Shaw-Mendel Merker
Chaim Dovid Bronstein-Avraham Brauer
Zalman Shapiro-Mendel Eisenbach
Zalman Davidson-Shalom Pevzner
Pinchas Itkin-Mendel Reitzes
Sholom Ber Man-Levi Vorovitch
Mendel Yaffe-Shmuel Hecht<
Yisrael Dovid Kastel-Yakov Rosentzweig
Mendel Tiefenbrun-Kehos Weiss
Mendy Heber-Avi Eisenberg
Yehoshua Deitch-Nochum Cheikin
Mendel Slonim
Mendel Shapiro-Berel Firestein
Levi Gorman-Avraham Nachlas
Sholom Divber Avtzon-Tzvi Oster
Mendel Fink-Shmuel Hecht
Mendel Rotenberg-Chaim Dovid Cohen
Yehoshua Zirkind-Yosef Kagan
Avraham Silberberg-Levi Ackerman
Menachem Horowitz-Aryeh Feigenson
Avrohom Shagalov-Chanoch Brickmen
Dovid Rabinowitz-Avraham Gorman
Refoel Willmowsky-Shlomo Glazer
Efraim Sufrin-Meir Lichovetzky
Yosef Chaim Deitch-Shalom Rapaport
Chaim Wagner-Mendel Cunin
Rabbi Man

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“Mitzvah” means “commandment”. A mitzvah is one of the 613 Divine instructions to the Jew contained in the Torah. The word also means “connection”: a deed that connects the human being who performs it with G-d, who commanded it. The Rebbe issued a call to every Jew: Even if you are not fully committed to a Torah life, do something. Begin with a mitzvah — any mitzvah; its value will not be diminished by the fact that there are others which you are not prepared to do. The Rebbe also suggested ten possible “beginner’s mitzvot” — precepts which, because of their centrality to the Torah’s guide to life, are ideally suited for a first experience of the mitzvah connection.

Light Shabbat Candles

Women and girls (age 3 and up) are encouraged to light candles every Friday afternoon, 18 minutes before sunset, in honor of the Shabbat, and before Festivals.


Eating is one of the basics of life. Shouldn’t it be done with intelligence? For a healthy and sound soul, eat only kosher foods, for when you eat differently, your Judaism is not just metaphysical, but part and parcel of your very being.


Every Jewish boy and girl should receive a Jewish education. Teach your children everything you know about your faith, and provide them with a quality Jewish education — you will be ensuring Jewish integrity, Jewish identity and a Jewish future.


Men (age 13 and up) are encouraged to wear the Tefillin every morning excluding Shabbat and Festivals. Tefillin are black leather boxes containing small parchment scrolls of selected portions from the Torah, in which the fundamentals of the Jewish faith are inscribed.

Observe Family Purity

Observance of the Jewish marital laws allows you to make the most of your marriage, bringing you and your spouse to new, undiscovered depths of intimacy and sacredness in your relationship.

Message on a Doorpost – Mezuzah

Every Jewish home should have a mezuzah on its doorposts. The mezuzah contains the Shema and is a sign that the home is sanctified for G-d and enjoys His protection.


Study a portion of Torah daily. Even a few lines contain the infinite wisdom and will of G-d.

A Home Filled with Holy Books

Furnish your home with as many holy books as possible. At the very least, get a hold of a Chumash (Bible), Psalms, and a Prayer Book.


Give charity daily. When you give to the needy, you are serving as G-d’s emissary to provide for His creations. The home is a classroom, and keeping a “pushkah” (charity box) in your home — and contributing a coin to it every day — will teach you and your children the noble value of regular giving.

Love Your Fellow

“Love your fellow as yourself,” said the great Jewish sage Rabbi Akiva, is a most basic principle in the Torah. Reaching out to your fellow Jew with patience, love, concern and unity is among the greatest mitzvot a Jew can do.

Content used with permission Chabad.org and MyFridayRabbi.org